2018 Web Development Techniques For Increasing Site Traffic And Retention

Even if you own a website for a personal interest, you probably want to build a following. Of course, the days of poorly-designed websites with hideous hyperlinks and choppy images are long gone. Nowadays, people demand more of the sites they visit. A basic understanding of HTML or Javascript won’t be enough to develop an impressive web page in 2018. And we’re not just talking about impressing visitors on your site; we’re talking about impressing search engines, too. If you want to increase user traction then you need to use web development techniques that are going to push you up the rankings on search result pages. Let’s talk about some of the latest trends in digital advertising to help you develop a successful website.

Social influence.

You might think that adverts on social networks are reserved for big brands looking to expand their client base, but plenty of individuals are starting to use social platforms to promote their personal websites and services. When it comes to increasing site traffic in 2018, this is certainly one of the best ways to achieve it. Facebook advertising can help, for instance, but one of the smartest techniques is to seek influencers to promote your website. Modern-day internet users don’t like pushy adverts. The best way to draw in visitors is to get a big influencer with a big following to promote you.

Data collation.

In 2018, people expect personalised services. It’s the digital trend that so many developers are utilising to gain traction for their websites. And the key to it all is collecting mass data on people who visit your website. Once you’ve collated data, it can be analysed with intelligent algorithms to help you create the necessary targeting strategies to find internet users who’d be interested in your website. The new Big Data tech can help you to collect data from social media, mobile apps, and more. That data can be used to help you create a website which is tailor-made for your target audience.

Essentially, you need to create a captivating design for users of your website if you want to increase retention. Boosting website traffic is great, but it doesn’t guarantee that any of those visitors are going to stick around. SEO is important, but the best websites of 2018 have a good CRO (conversion optimisation rate) so that visitors become long-term followers, subscribers, or customers (depending on the purpose of the webpage). User-centred design will help you to build a loyal following for your personal page, blog, or whatever type of website you’re running. Start building up your data files (as long as you follow current GDPR requirements) so that you know more about the behaviour of people who visit your website.

Mobile responsiveness.

Another important trend in the digital era is mobile web development. If a site is going to not only increase traffic but retain visitors then it needs to be responsive to mobile devices. A mobile app can also help to increase interest in your brand and website, but the key is to make sure that your webpage looks good on all possible devices. People consume information on computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and countless other devices. It’s vital that a website is designed in a flexible manner so that it appears good on all possible devices. Referring back to the previous point, this is why data collation is so important. You need to be able to adjust your website’s content to the browser and device being used by each individual user. Once you’ve achieved this, you’ll see better results on your website.

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2018 Web Development Techniques For Increasing Site Traffic And Retention

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