ARFREYR Press Release

Our Story:

Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment whereby the objects that reside in the real-world are “augmented” by computer-generated perceptual information. Augmented reality is the next evolution of online product visualization.

Mobile augmented reality is AR that you can take with you wherever you go. E-Commerce sales (goods & services) could become the largest revenue driver for AR, where Houzz has proven mobile AR can increase sales conversion rates by 11x, and Alibaba has partnered with Starbucks for the world’s largest AR enabled Starbucks Roastery in Shanghai

The biggest AR eCommerce sales could come from clothing, consumer electronics, automotive, furniture, health/personal care, toys/hobby, office equipment, food & drink and media categories.

Asian grocery retailer Yihaodian stores are tagged to physical locations such as landmarks and, brilliantly, in front of competitor supermarkets. However, they exist only in the virtual world, and can only be accessed through the Yihaodian mobile app.At present users physically travel to its location, pull up the app on a mobile device, and look around through its screen. As if by magic, store shelves appear, stocked with products, deals, and exclusive discounts. Users physically walk the aisles just as they would in a brick-and-mortar store, and tap items on screen to order them. Items are then delivered to their homes or businesses through the users’ existing Yihaodian accounts.

There is a wide selection of Augmented Reality tools readily available to help you create the next, improve sales, digital retail, navigation, gaming experience and even design, just to name a few verticals. Augmented Reality is currently used to help visualize objects that aren’t in the room and to create immersive brand experiences that engage consumers on another level.

ARFREYR wants to bring Augmented Reality, into mCommerce. The best part about ARFREYR is that we strongly believe that crypto is the future and customers can choose to buy products in our store either with Fiat or any supported cryptocurrency (Use FRY for better discounts  Cool)

We built and launched “PinTrip” ( on AppStore just to tap into AR’s potential as it was in its nascent stages back then, this helped us get versatile with AR. We then started building an eCommerce store which would have all its merchandise showcased using AR and our customers can then have a real life like experience for any product that they wish to purchase on our store.

Our Goal:

Our ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem that will unite customers, merchants and suppliers on a blockchain platform for trading goods across the globe where crypto and fiat can coexist. Our AR based platform conveys comprehensive information in a simple visual way and incorporates consumer interaction to increase engagement with products. The key aim of our AR strategy is to curb ‘showrooming’ by customers. A growing trend where savvy shoppers sample products in physical stores then go online to buy them at the best available price and this would enable customers to experience the best of both online and physical stores!

ARFREYR Mobile Platform:

Our mobile platform is an online store which would leverage AR to provide a bridge between the tangible world and the digital world, depending upon the mobile device the store could be as basic as a smartphone app and as advanced as a wearable like Smart Glass. Some key advantages include:

· Drive Sales: Using AR, customers can now try on a product and experience how it looks on them; the process develops customer attachment to the product, increasing the likelihood of a purchase
· Enhance Print Media Advertising: Purchase items on the go from your smartphones or tablets by simply scanning the AR-enabled images
· Replicates in-store experiences: With AR technology, customers can digitally check the price, view a 3D model, try on clothes and then seamlessly place an order
· Differentiate your business from competitors: Developing AR experiences help brands to differentiate their business from competitors and provide customer delight


· Tropyc:
· Ico Geeker:
· Coinhills:
· Ico Bazaar:
· Icogoals:
· Cryptonext:
· Initial Coin List:
· Ico Buffer:

ARFREYR Bounty/Airdrop Program:

Airdrop instructions in steps:

· Sign up at
· Click on Bounty Tab
· Social Bounty:
· Follow @ARFREYR ( on Twitter -> 25 FRY
· Tweet @ARFREYR ( on Twitter -> 25 FRY
· Join Telegram Announcements Channel ( -> 25 FRY
· Join Telegram Chat Group ( -> 25 FRY
· Follow @arfreyr ( on Medium -> 25 FRY
· Follow ARFREYR ( on Reddit -> 25 FRY
· App Store Bounty:
· Download PinTrip ( from AppStore -> 300 FRY
· Referral Bounty:
· User’s would receive 5% of the tokens purchased by their referral as bonus

Total value of airdrop for each patron is ~$15 + Referral Bonus

Current Token Sale:

ARFREYR token is based on Ethereum platform. ARFREYR token is compatible with any erc20 wallet like mist, metamask and ledger etc.

Pre Sale Round – 1:

· Bonus: 40%
· Start: September 01, 2018
· End: September 30, 2018
· Number of tokens for Pre Sale: 450,000,000 FRY
· Total Supply: 7,500,000,000 FRY
· Tokens exchange rate: 1 ETH = 20000 FRY
· Acceptable currencies: ETH
· Minimal transaction amount: 0.1 ETH

Requirements to get paid:

1: You must complete all bounty tasks and stay there till the end of Crowdsale.
1: an at least 2 month old bitcointalk, twitter or reddit (or 2 month older account in any social platform)
2: an ethereum wallet to receive your tokens (only use a wallet address of which you have private key or a ERC20 Token supported wallet)

We strongly believe that AR is the future of mCommerce and with so much computing power in our mobile devices, we aim to make shopping with AR a routine for everyone, if you believe in our idealogy and would like to be part of the change please do support us for our ICO which has it’s presale starting from 1st September 2018

More on ICOgoals:

Ad-blocking Browser Brave (Basic Attention Token) Hits 10 Million Downloads in Google Play Store.

ARFREYR Press Release

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4 years ago

Great, looks like a promising solution for our day to day online shopping issues

4 years ago

It was a great idea…..Taking mcommerce to next level……#ARFRYER