Coingrid Token

Coin name: Coingrid Token
Ticker: CGT

Cryptocurrency Simplified.


Despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the public at large still struggle to understand how they can be a part of it. Coingrid aims to make investing in cryptocurrency as easy as sending an email. With our intuitive interface, anyone with a computer or a smartphone will be able to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency listed on our exchange in just a few easy steps. Coingrid is proud to be one of New Zealand’s first ICOs run by a New Zealand registered company and would like to set a positive example for future ICOs by following all regulatory requirements.

Coin type: ERC-20
Platform: Ethereum
Country of operation: New Zealand
Prototype: Yes
Screenshot additional info:
Total coins: 100,000,000
Total coins sold in ICO: 70%
Pre-ICO price: Please contact us at for more information regarding discounts offered to private investors
Price in ICO: 1 ETH = 5000 CGT
ICO bonus structure:

Our bounty campaign commenced on 25 June 2018 and will continue through until the end of the ICO process. The ICO process will end on 23 January 2019 or when the hard cap is reached.

Our team is offering up to 2% (2,000,000) of the total CGT supply to the bounty hunters! Tokens will be distributed within 2 weeks after the date the ICO ends.
Bounty program link:
ICO bonus structure: 10% of total fees collected will be redistributed to the investors who hold CGT on a monthly basis. Assuming we reach our hard cap and our daily trade volume is $10 million, holding 10,000 CGT will generate approximately $20.00* income per month.

As holding more CGT will translate to receiving a larger share of trading fees, we believe the value of CGT will directly reflect the trade volume of our exchange.
We are confident that the interest in cryptocurrency will grow over time; we have confidence that this will make CGT more desirable.

*the Dollar value may vary depending on the market price of CGT

Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 10,000,000
Hard cap: 70,000,000
Unsold coins: If the hard cap is not reached, the number of total supply of tokens will be scaled so the team will be holding 20% of the total supply. The rest of CGT will be burnt.
Screenshot sales information:
ICO start date: November 23, 2018
ICO end date: June 23, 2019
Time till start ICO/STO:
ICO start date passed
Time till end ICO/STO :
ICO ended
2017 July
– Founding members formed


2017 September
– Strategy meetings


2018 January
– Draft whitepaper and roadmap


2018 March
– Core team formed
2018 May
– Whitepaper release


2018 July
– Pre ICO starts


2018 November
– ICO starts


2019 June
– ICO ends


2019 August
– Closed Beta
Screenshot roadmap:


Chai Kim, CEO, Co-Founder, Solicitor

Andrew Lee, COO, Co-Founder, Designer

Adam Curtin, Head of Strategy, Solicitor

Keyo Jack, Head of Marketing

Dr Jin Hong, Head of Security

Ricardo Ferreira, Head of Business Development
Paulius Uz, CTO
Screenshot team:


Duwane de Coning, CEO of

Stephen Rowlison, CEO of Bbiller

Dean Karakitsos, Top 30 ICO investor on ICO Bench, Founder of Bloqchain Science

Raghav Sood, Developer, Blockchain expert, Author (Pro Android Augmented Reality, Amazon Top #100)

Dr Stephen Wingreen, Researcher, Head of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies group, University of Canterbury

Ricardo Ferreira, CEO of, Steem Blockchain Ambassador

Screenshot advisors :

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