might not be a Scam Exchange after all. Electra (ECA) owners relieved now withdrawals are Finally Enabled.

After more than 6 weeks finally showed their user base that they are most likely not a scam exchange. Owners of Electra (ECA), a coin that rose in popularity at the end of December and in the beginning of January, where finally able to withdraw their coins from the exchange. According to posts on the social platform Reddit (subreddit Electra_Currency), it took users many tries and browser refresh runs, before they were able to get ownership of their coins again.

Many users of CoinsMarkets gave up hope after several weeks of terrible communication by the exchange owners. Only few messages where posted on the website to explain the situation. Mostly written in poor English and without any detailed explanation of the situation. Messages were mostly based out of one or two sentences and provided no real explanation of the problem or timeline for when the situation would be resolved.

The fact that messages seemed to rotate over the weeks gave the community the impression that CoinsMarkets was working on an exit scam. Several people tried to bundle forces and started online petitions and proposals to start legal actions against the exchange owners. After the Electra (ECA) dev team started a CM legal campaign on Discord, just 3 days ago, the CoinsMarkets owners now seem to have responded to the roaring and discontented community.

However, they exchange owners only committed to enable one cryptocurrency at the time, Electra (ECA) being the happy first. When owners of other cryptocurrencies are able to withdraw their coins is to be seen.

Hopefully the website is up and running soon or will the site owners allow all coins to be withdrawn. Crypto owners deserve closure, and the community as a wholecould use some positive news after the recent Bitgrail disaster.

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BitGrail Exchange Operator Taunts Hack Victims on Twitter. might not be a Scam Exchange after all. Electra (ECA) owners relieved now withdrawals are Finally Enabled. Owners of other Cryptocurrencies are still Left in the Dark. Coins Stuck at the Exchange.

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