The Employee Benefits That Don’t Work

To attract the best talent you need high-quality benefits. Long gone are the days when workers only cared about the green. Now they care as much about the balance between the office and life as they do their pay packet. Savvy bosses have caught on and are offering some of the most comprehensive packages in corporate history. And why not if these benefits increase productivity and output?

The thing is not every target aimed at appeasing employees works. In fact, some go down like lead balloons. To make sure your business doesn’t follow suit, below are the perks to avoid.

A Company Car

A company car is a sign of wealth and achievement for employee and employer. You get to market the brand too as your workers drive around town advertising the business. However, they’re quite risky for a variety of reasons. Firstly, crashes are on the rise and a free car only encourages them to drive everywhere. Take it from Stewart J Guss when they say walking and public transport have their pros. Secondly, they’d rather have the money in the pocket as the odds are they have a vehicle. Plus, a fleet of cars is pricey and it causes arguments about who gets one. Avoid office politics by not leasing any in the first place.

Unlimited Vacation

Of course, rules apply, such as having to give a two-week notice before going on holiday, but it still sounds like a kick-ass perk. Well, Ronica Roth sees it differently as her stats show that employees are less likely to go on vacation. You might think this is a win-win yet the truth is workers need a break to keep the level of quality high. People who aren’t going on holidays are bound to make mistakes which harm the company’s bottom line. Putting a deadline on them makes them precious.


Anybody who has worked for a retail company will have had this perk before. But, how many times did you use it? Typically, employees don’t like shopping with their parent company because they are there to work and not make purchases. Plus, being behind the curtain means you understand the policies and that might put you off. From an employer’s point of view, it makes no sense because the stock is for selling at a markup price. In this case, no one wins and the staff will let you know about it in no uncertain terms.

Employee Of The Month

Although competition is healthy, colleagues aren’t above withdrawing help to make sure they win the top prize. Also, there is no instant recognition for a job well done. Workers have to wait a whole month to find out whether their ethic has been up to scratch. Some employees will not bother to wait that long. It’s much more effective to reward people as and when they do something worth a pat on the back. And, this method helps to avoid the nasty politics too.

Which perks do you think work and why? What has been your experience?

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The Employee Benefits That Don’t Work

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