Funding Your First Ever Investment

Everyone reading this should ensure that they make an investment as soon as possible. Investments are one of the smartest things you can do with your money as they (hopefully) grow and lead to more money in your pocket. Many of you reading this are probably keen to start investing in things like cryptocurrency or stocks, but you aren’t sure how to fund your investment. So, here are some ideas you can think about:

Join forces with someone else

Do you have a friend or someone close to you that’s also interested in making an investment? Individually, you might not have enough money to invest, but what if you combined your money? Joining forces with a partner is a smart way of funding your first ever investment. You could both go in 50/50, which means you share the profits 50/50 as well. There are pros and cons to this – the main advantage being you can fund investments that are normally out of your reach, with the drawback being you have to share the profits. Still, it’s an excellent option for people that can’t invest with their own money.

Supplement your own money

If you have enough money to make an investment, then go ahead and do it. The key thing to consider is that you still have enough cash left over to live a comfortable life. You absolutely do not want to put all your funds into an investment as this is a big risk. So, what if you don’t have enough to cover a particular investment? Well, as you can see on, there are small loans you can apply for and use however you want. It could be a good idea to supplement your own money with a small loan, so you have enough cash to make an investment. Then, pay off the loan in instalments as your investment grows in the background.

Utilize a saving app

Recently, I’ve seen lots of adverts for apps built around saving money and investments. One that’s grabbed my attention is the one displayed here Basically, the premise behind it is that you essentially round up your daily purchases and save/invest the extra money. For example, you buy something for $2.65 and round it up to $3, saving the 35 cents. If you do this all the time, you’ll soon have a nice little fund that you can then use to invest in whatever you like. Apps like this are smart ideas and can certainly help beginner investors like you, allowing you to fund your first endeavour.


So, that’s all I’ve got for you today; three ways you can fund your first ever investment. The beauty of investing is that it gets easier after your first one. Make a profit on your first investment, and then you can pretty much just rely on your own money to invest in other things. The key is getting yourself on the ladder, to begin with, and these ideas will help.


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Funding Your First Ever Investment

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