The formula for creating a great website is having an even greater team. Down below an overview of the coin wizzards and programmers that make the absolute Crème de le Crème of the cryptocurrency industry (in our humble opinion). Feel free to contact the team members personally in case you have further questions about their work, life and favorite Peruvian flute band.

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Job Title: Founder / Editor in Chief

Name: Brian

Nickname: Bitbeast

Contact Information:

Profile Link: Bitbeast



Names: George, Vincent & Rose

Contact Information:



Without the support of CactusThemes we at would not be able to give you the user experience that we can offer you today. George, Vincent and Rose show us great technical support on an almost day to day basis. We value their kindness, dedication and knowledge in helping us to keep this website up and running in optima forma.

CactusThemes has 10 years working-experience in the web industry and develops fully-working solutions for site makers. Without a question I recommend you to work with CactusThemes in case you consider starting your own website. Feel free to send in your technical related questions via the Contact Us page. We are happy to share our experience. Or contact CactusThemes directly via the above provided contact information.