Layer Protocol

Coin name: Layer Protocol
Ticker: LRX

The decentralized reputation protocol for the global sharing economy, built on the blockchain.


User’s siloed information from various companies such as Uber, AirBnB, can be pulled together for the mutual benefit of users as well as companies who have yet to gather enough behaviour data on the individual.
Layer Protocol massively improves the relationship between asset providers and their users in terms of assessing the risk of renting to a given individual, ensuring assets are kept in good condition and offering better prices to users with a history of positive behaviour. In return, users do not just receive better deals but also a variety of rewards, offers and incentives from partner companies on the network.

Coin type: ERC-20
Platform: Ethereum
Country of operation: Switzerland
Registered company: Layer Foundation
Whitelist: Yes
KYC: Yes
Prototype: No
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Total coins: 1,000,000,000
Total coins sold in ICO: 400,000,000
Price in ICO: 1 LRX = 0.0375
Accepting: ETH
Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD
Unsold coins: Unsold tokens added to community pool
ICO start date: September 30, 2018
ICO end date: October 10, 2018
Time till start ICO/STO:
ICO start date passed
Time till end ICO/STO:
ICO ended
Coin issue date: TBA

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Euwyn Poon, Co-Founder, Euwyn is entrepreneur, lawyer and software engineer who has been involved in the blockchain industry for 5 years. In 2014, he co-founded Delta, one of the first projects to offer interest-bearing Bitcoin accounts, which was backed by Y Combinator, Initialized Capital and Winklevoss Capital. He has spoken at CoinSummit London and Inside Bitcoins and has been featured on Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Vice, CNBC and Fox Business News,

Derrick Ko, Co-Founder, Derrick is a senior software engineer and product manager, and is also the Co-founder & CEO of Spin, an electric scooter sharing company serving over 50 markets in the US. Previous experience includes Lyft, Kicksend, Pivotal Labs and is a Y Combinator alumni,

Zaizhuang Cheng, CTO & Co-founder, Zaizhuang is a senior software engineer, previously lead engineering at Disqus and built a Singapore based startup Yum. He is also CTO at Spin,

Galen Danziger, External CTO, Galen has been a CTO of many successful startups in Silicon Valley, participated in 500 startups program with tagMonkey and is a CTO in No Rest Labs, an software development company providing development services in the blockchain space. Lead the development for Lendroid,

Patrick McLain, External DevOps, Patrick is the leader of Blockchain accelerator MouseBelt, and leads the operations at No Rest Labs, providing development team along with Galen to Layer Protocol. Previously also went through 500 startups program with tagMonkey alongside Galen.

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Shayne Coplan, Advisor, Founder & CEO of TokenUnion
Michael Ma, Advisor, General Partner at Liquid 2 Ventures,
Dmitry Grishin, Advisor, Co-founder of Grishin Robotics
Josh Fraser, Advisor, Co-founder of Origin Protocol
Matthew Liu, Advisor, Co-founder of Origin Protocol
Gee Chuang, Advisor, Co-founder of Ink Protocol and Listia,
Kenzi Wang, Advisor, General Partner at AU21,
David Chen, Advisor, Former Partner at Lightspeed,

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