Overcoming Your Financial Issues Once And For All

Financial issues are something that a huge number of people are suffering with, and many of them feel helpless to do anything about it at all. The fact is; we aren’t all taught to handle money in the right way when we are young. We didn’t always have somebody giving us pocket money and encouraging us to save and invest it, or to think about it logically. We just got excited and probably bought a new toy. The latter is how many people still use their money now, whether it’s a new gadget, an item of clothing, or something else. Money is being used for short term satisfaction, rather than smartly for long term gain.

Now, if you’re happy with that, fine. This post isn’t for you anyway. However, if you want to overcome those financial issues once and for all, there’s no better time to start than right now.

Figure Out Your Mindset

First of all, it’s important you figure out your mindset. Almost everything boils down to this. The only difference between you and a person who is good with money isn’t their great job or how much they get handed out to them by their parents, but their mindset. When you change your mindset, everything else in your life will follow.

You can’t make more money with a negative mindset, and you won’t be able to handle your money well with a negative mindset. Every single motivational speaker on YouTube will tell you the same thing, from Tony Robbins to Dr Joe Dispenza – although they may word it slightly differently.

Start Reading

Knowledge is power, so start reading books that will help you to break through your own limitations and see where your issues really lie. Below are some suggestions to search for on the kindle store:

  • You are a badass at making money
  • Think and grow rich
  • Rich dad poor dad

Some of it may feel foreign to you at first, but the more you read and the more you learn, the more you should see the truth behind money and people who have a lot of it.

Pay Off Your Debts And Learn To Stay Out Of It

Debt can weigh heavy on the mind. Before you start saving money or investing money, you want to make sure your debts are paid off to avoid those high interest fees. Then, you want to make sure you can stay out of debt. Sometimes, debt can be necessary; student loans, mortgages, and even some kind of emergency you may have experienced can cause you to be in debt.

All you have to do is plan for regular payments and pay more than the minimum if possible, whether you’re paying off bad credit credit cards or your mortgage.

Notice What Feeling Makes You Want To Spend Money And Sit With It

There’s usually a certain feeling that comes with wanting to spend money on junk; for some it’s boredom, others loneliness, the list can go on. Get comfortable sitting with this feeling and stay mindful!

Have A Strong ‘Why’

Why do you want to get better with money? Write down your statement and keep it somewhere you can see it! It must be strong enough so you can keep going.


Overcoming Your Financial Issues Once And For All

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