Coin name: Papyrus
Ticker: PPR

Papyrus is an open source scalable blockchain platform specifically designed to fight all the issues of digital advertising market – fraud traffic, brand safety issues, excessive middleman cuts, and absence of supply chain transparency. Unlike other existing blockchains Papyrus has unique features that make it feasible solution for practical adoption: low transaction costs, privacy management, execution of smart contracts based on large volume of data. Papyrus connects advertisers, publishers, agencies, advertising platforms and verifiers within Papyrus blockchain network to create trust, fairness and efficiency within digital advertising market.

“Papyrus is a scalable blockchain protocol and platform for execution of smart contracts against large data sets. On top of this platform Papyrus builds a programmatic ad buying solution addressing the major problems of the digital advertising industry. By securely and privately tracking trillions of impression-level events per day and applying smart contract-based ad verification and payment settlement logic, the solution creates transparency and trust between ad market players, provides visibility into end-to-end payment flows, reduces operational costs, eliminates fraud and increases ad quality, ultimately improving end user experience. The solution features:

1. Channel layer – an off-chain mechanism for collecting, securely storing, verifying and processing raw business transactions data (in particular, execution trace of RTB protocol).
2. Papyrus blockchain – a consortium dPoS blockchain based on Tendermint BFT consensus algorithm, with support of EVM smart contracts. It backs the operation of channel layer and implements ad campaigns business logic including ad verification and payments settlement rules.
3. Cosmos Network integration – the Papyrus blockchain is built as a Cosmos Zone, connected to the Cosmos Hub to benefit from ready interoperability with existing public blockchains.
4. Dashboard applications providing access to the Papyrus functions for advertisers/publishers, and integration tools for onboarding existing adtech platforms.”


Papyrus is a universal blockchain platform specifically designed to overcome the challenges of digital advertising.

Papyrus connects advertisers, publishers, agencies, advertising platforms and verifiers within the Papyrus blockchain network to create trust, fairness and efficiency within the digital advertising market.

– Big data scalability (Execution of smart contracts based on raw data with millions of data points)
– Low costs of transactions (Handling millions of ad events per second requires low costs)
– Privacy management (Advertisers can keep ad campaign data private. But expose aggregated info about agencies, ad networks and publishers to establish their reputation)

Coin type: ERC20
Country of operation: Singapore
Whitelist link: Click here
Prototype: Yes
Total coins: 1 000 000 000
Total coins sold in ICO: 450 000 000
Pre-ICO price: 1 PPR = $0.055
Price in ICO: 1 PPR = $0.055
Accepting: ETH, BTC
Hard cap: $17 500 000
Unsold coins: Unsold coins will be burned
ICO start date: June 1, 2018
ICO end date: September 30, 2018
Time till start ICO/STO:
ICO is active
Time till end ICO/STO:
ICO ended

Q1 2017 – R&D team assembled
Q2 2017  –  First white paper published
Q3 2017 – First partners joined
Q4 2017 – $1.5M raised in token sale round 1
First proof-of-concept in Ethereum
Q1 2018 – MVP launch and token sale round 2
Q2 2018 – Enterprise pilots with partners
Q3 2018 – Launch of Papyrus Testnet & Papyrus Wallet
Q4 2018 – Launch of Papyrus blockchain network


Abeed Janmohamed CEO
Igor Alferov Founder
Shirlene Chandrapal SVP Strategic Business Development
Addie Conner SVP Product Evangelist
Elena Obukhova Communications Director
Alexander Shvets Product Director
Alexander Kholodov Lead Software Engineer
Andrey Vlasenko Lead Software Engineer
Alexander Telegin Mobile Software Engineer
Igor Sokolov Blockchain Engineer
Aleksei Pupyshev Research & Development Expert
Shamil Valishev Digital Marketing Manager
George Odysseos Business Development Manager
Tanya Krishtopa Project Manager
Vyacheslav Trofimov Web Developer.Вячеслав-Трофимов/100001880736029
Vitaly Bubyakin Frontend Developer
Stanislav Kirillin Communications Manager


Richard Titus Strategy Advisor
Jeremy Epstein  Marketing Advisor
Eyal Hertzog – Strategy Advisor –
Tim Brown – Business Development Advisor –
Jeremy Levitan Strategy Advisor
Dmitry Lee -Technology Advisor –
Leo Eletskikh – Technology Evangelist –
Mike Costache – Strategy Advisor –
Alexander Shishow – Strategy Advisor  –
Brad Yasar – Strategy Advisor –
Mikhail Fedorinin – Operations Advisor  –
Marissa Kim – Legal Advisor –

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