Signs You’re Not Being Present Enough In Your Business

If you have a business, you’re going to have a lot on your plate. However, having a lot on your plate doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be present in business – failing to be present in business can mean making mistakes and missing things that are really important to your business’s growth and expansion.

If you’re not sure whether you’re being present enough or not, below we have a few signs to look out for that indicate you’re not being present enough in your business. Take a look and see if there’s anything that resonates with you!

  1. Your Employees Aren’t Happy

Are you employees happy with their jobs, the workplace, and how they are treated at work? If you’re not sure, this is a big sign that you’re not being present enough. Things like this are things you should notice so that you can improve and make changes where applicable. If your employees aren’t happy and you know it, it may be because they feel undervalued because you’re not paying enough attention to them and praising them enough.

  1. You’re Not Sure What To Change

Maybe you’ve been in your own head for so long that you’re not even sure what you can change to improve your business and make it better. Being present will enable you to see problems in a different light and more open to seeing solutions. However, if you’re still struggling with this, don’t stress yourself out about it even more. It can be a better idea to get a business coach and receive advice that way, so you can get a different perspective on the goings on in your business.

  1. You Find Yourself Nearly Getting Into Trouble On The Way To Work

Driving to work, you should feel good about the day ahead and what you are going to accomplish. Being too much in your own head about the things that are going on and what could go wrong could very well lead you to crashing your car! If you find yourself zoning out or daydreaming on the way to work, it’s definitely time to practice being more present every day. If you can’t do this, it might be a better idea to take public transport into work.

  1. You’re Constantly Thinking Things Over At Home

Every business owner needs some time to themselves to relax, recuperate, and prepare for the day ahead of them the next day. However, if you find yourself constantly thinking things over at home, wondering whether you did this or that or you can’t for the life of you remember what an employee asked you to do, it’s a big sign you’re not being present. Although it can be impossible to ignore thoughts of work when you’re at home sometimes, it shouldn’t be all you think about. You want to make sure you’re available for your family, or your relationships and home life will suffer in a big way.

  1. You Can’t Make Decisions Based On Your Intuition Anymore

Being able to make a decision based on your intuition is a big part of being an entrepreneur. If you can’t seem to find the voice of your intuition or your gut anymore, it could be a sign that too many thoughts are blocking it out from being heard. You need to quieten down and listen to that voice inside of you!  

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Signs You’re Not Being Present Enough In Your Business

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