Coin name: SKY
Ticker: SKY
Category: Payments, Exchange

Scopuly is safe cold storage, P2P trade in crypto assets, token emission and ICO Marketplace, all in one convinient application


SCOPULY works on Stellar blockchain and is a fully decentralized platform. Stellar is focused on a specific task: fast, reliable and low-cost transactions for a large number of users. It is faster cheaper and more reliable for users of services that will be launched in Scopuly. Scopuly allows the user to safely store and instantly transfer crypto-currency assets, issue their own crypto tokens, launch ICO campaigns, invest in ICO projects, and also trade crypto assets on a decentralised SDEX exchange in real time. People can safely store, attract, spend, pay, and exchange crypto-currency assets in one convenient and safe application. Scopuly has its own crypto asset – SKY. Maintaining token demand will be ensured by the fact that it is only possible to attract financing for ICO projects in Scopuly only in SKY tokens and in no other assets. SKY’s tokens are always available on crypto exchanges for trade / exchange. We also have the Scopuly referral scheme, when someone activates a bonus program from the users referral code, they get 10% from each activation.

Platform: Stellar
Country of operation: Russia
Registered company: OOO MBK
Whitelist: No
KYC : No
Prototype: Yes
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Total coins: 10,000,000,000
Total coins sold in ICO: 5,000,000,000
Price in ICO: 1 SKY = 0.002 USD
ICO bonus structure:

Start bonus 78%

Accepting: MasterCard, XLM
Hard cap: 28,000,000 USD
Unsold coins: -
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Pre-ICO start date: July 1, 2018
Pre-ICO end date : August 1, 2018
ICO start date: August 1, 2018
ICO end date: January 1, 2019
Time till start ICO/STO:
ICO start date passed
Time till end ICO/STO :
ICO ended
Coin issue date: After ICO

2017 May ESTIMATION AND ANALYSIS OF THE CRYPTO MARKET Conducting an assessment of the future market and analysis of the technological stack for the implementation of a multipurpose decentralized cryptographic platform for: tokenization, multi- currency payments, decentralized trade, holding and participation in ICO projects. 2017 July PROJECT CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT Primary round of financing. Search for the most effective blockchain and algorithms for the implementation of tokenization processes, ICO-financing and decentralized trade in assets. Concept development.
2017 September SCOPULY PROTOTYPE Development of a project prototype. Testing public blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Nem, Stellar, IOTA…). Stellar blockchain was chosen as it is able to solve current problems of cryptoeconomic market.
2018 January CRYPTOCURRENCY WALLET Development of secure wallet with local encryption of private keys and multi-signatures. Applications are implemented for OS: Android, iOS.
2018 June ICO-PLATFORM AND ISSUE OF SKY TOKENS Implementation of the ICO platform and token release on Stellar blockchain. Preparation of the system for carrying out the crowdfunding ICO campaigns.
2018 July ST ART Pre-ICO Pre-ICO campaign, during which 6% of all SKY tokens will be distributed. Referral bonus program.
2018 August START ICO ICO campaign, during which 44% of all SKY tokens will be distributed. Referral bonus program.
2018 September DECENTRALIZED TRADE IN CRYPTOASSETS (SDEX) Launch of the decentralized trading platform for Stellar Assets.
2018 October TOKENIZATION (USER EMISSION OF TOKENS) Launching of asset tokenization tools – the installation of tokens’ descriptions by a smart contract, user token emission with the release of tokens to the Scopuly SDEX exchange.
2018 November ICO/CROWDFUNDING Launching tools for creating and conducting ICO projects. Implementation of the functionality of fund- raising for start-ups during ICO campaigns.
2018 December MULTICURRENCY P2P PAYMENTS In addition to the possibility, almost instantly, to transfer crypto-currency assets to any point of the planet without any intermediaries, the opportunity will be made to make multicurrency payments based on Stellar blockchain.
2019 January GLOBAL SCALE Marketing programs. Large-scale attraction of users for the active use of Scopuly platform services in life and business.
2019 March MARKET ANALYSIS AND IMPROVEMENTS OF TRADE AND ICO Implementation of more detailed statistics and interactive trading charts of market activity of tokens. Creation of custom trading pairs. Full cycle of creating and conducting ICO.
2019 May CROSS-PLATFORMS Development of desktop clients for MacOS, Windows, Linux. Scopuly will be present on all popular OS.
2019 July DEVELOPMENT OF THE PLATFORM FUNCTIONALITY Expansion of financial services: token- marketplace, passive trade in assets, cross- asset, multicurrency transactions, multi- signatures, smart contracts, decentralized trade in real time, extended issue of tokens and much more. 2019 January GLOBAL SCALE Marketing programs. Large-scale attraction of users for the active use of Scopuly platform services in life and business.
2019, 2020, 2021… GLOBAL CRYPTOCURRENCY AVAILABILITY Many other things that will be called upon to greatly improve the financial crypto- accessibility on the whole planet and even beyond it in the 24/7 mode.

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adimir Parmon CEO / Co-Founder

Alexander Parmon Head of Digital Marketing / Co-Founderалександр-пармон-88b6a963/

Anna Rozantseva Chief Strategy Planning Officer

Dmitri Matushkin Chief Engineer and Technical Officer

Veronica Bureeva Public Relations Officer

Evgeni Kozhich Senior Full Stack Mobile and Blockchain Developer

Liudmila Dolgih Social Media Marketing Manager

Alexei Seliavkin Front End Developer

Alexei Inutkin Front End Developer

Alexei Krutov Senior Web Developer

Alexander Kovalev Marketing – Traffic Manager

Alexei Runov Back End Developer


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