Warranty Coin

Coin name: Warranty Coin
Ticker: WTY

Decentralized Warranty Services


A revolutionary, next-generation model for financial services.

Coin type: ERC-20
Platform: Ethereum
Country of operation: USA
Prototype: No
Screenshot additional info:
Total coins: 5,000,000
Total coins sold in ICO: 5,000,000
Pre-ICO price: 1 ETH=1500 WTY
Price in ICO: 1 ETH=1000 WTY
Accepting: ETH, USD
Soft cap: 1,000,000
Hard cap: 5,000,000
ICO start date: June 25, 2018
ICO end date: July 25, 2018
Time till start ICO/STO:
ICO start date passed
Time till end ICO/STO :
ICO ended
Screenshot roadmap:


Alan Gellangarin-Founder
James Henderson-Advisor
Naviin kapoor-Advisor
Lilian Yu-Advisor
Kevin Keller-FUll Stack Developer
Ashley Stephens-Social Media Marketer

Screenshot team:
Screenshot 2: team:

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